Integrated Apologetics

Modern church growth does not come largely from evangelism but from the migration of believers hopping from one church to another in search for where they can best hide and be entertained.

In short my brothers and sisters, if we do not have some rudimentary apologetics in our modern world, we shall not be able to evangelize Postmodern man. Apologetics is evangelism. In our generation evangelism cannot take place without some apologetics.

Now, there are some deep misconceptions in our Evangelical community as to what apologetics is. Apologetics is not debate. It is not about one-upmanship. It does not belong only in the realm of academicians, scientists, theologians and those in full time ministry. Apologetics is not about arguing. Apologetics is about loving people and providing for them the reasons for the hope that is in us. Apologetics is for every member of the body of Christ. Apologetics must be integrated within the entire body of Christ if we are to be capable of reaching Postmodern Man. Integrated Apologetics is therefore an indispensible component of evangelizing the lost in this generation and competing for the minds of men.

Searching for True Truth

One does not need a college education to learn apologetics. But if we fail to take the time to learn at least some rudimentary apologetics, we shall not reach man in our present culture and we shall not prepare our children to survive in our culture. This is the greatest disaster of our Evangelical community.

evolution-creationismHow many Christian children have turned from the truth after being bombarded by the humanistic onslaught in the public educational system? That is our fault. We did not give them the apologetics necessary to see through the lies of the Great Deceiver. We have sent them as babes in the woods, right into the dragon’s lair without any weapons to defend and conquer the lies of the Enemy of Man.  This must stop.

We have for far too long participated in an ignominious grand retreat from the free market of ideas in the public square because we were more concerned for temporal pleasures and the anonymity of hiding undisturbed in our comfort zone. Our children have paid a terrible price for our apathy and slothfulness. We have failed to be the salt of the earth.

But it is not just the rank and file saints that have failed. We Pastors have been more concerned with building our own kingdoms than with building the Kingdom of God. Our job is to prepare the saints to do the work of the ministry. Instead of providing for them the tools of apologetics to ground their faith and win the lost to Christ, we have chosen to entertain them with high doses of adrenaline and no protein in their theological diet.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against entertainment, but if we do not provide the deep soil for the seeds of faith, the roots shall be shallow and when the sun scorches they shall wither and die.