The Ancient Cosmic Battle

The Plain truth is that we are at war. Not because we choose it so, but because the Enemy of Man has chosen so. Not a war fought with guns tanks and bullets, but an even more lethal war that determines our eternal destiny. An ancient cosmic battle has raged since the time of Adam between the forces of good and the forces of evil. It is a war of worldviews that battles for the souls of men.

In our generation it is a war between the Judeo-Christian worldview and naturalism. Naturalism is the atheistic worldview that all living and non-living things have evolved by random chemical reactions without previsioned design by a Creator.

If we are to be honest with ourselves, we must concede that naturalism has gained the high ground in our culture. They control the sciences and the universities. They have monopolized the centers of education and most of the seats in government. They have sidelined the Judeo-Christian worldview into an intellectual ghetto behind high and fortified walls to keep us from mingling in the public square, to keep us from competing in the free market of ideas.

They have promoted and enshrined in our western culture a false division of truth, whereby any consideration of metaphysical reality is automatically labeled as a subjective and a relativistic choice in the minds of men, an imagined psychological need, while on the other hand Darwinism has been placed in an objective category as fact and science.  The Postmodernist believes that absolute truths exist only in the realm of science and more specifically in their preferred version of the Darwinian view of science. We must understand that this Platonic dualism is a false division of truth.

There is no such artificial division between the visible physical realm and the invisible physical realm. The divided field of knowledge is in fact a metaphysical choice being forced upon us to discredit and emasculate the Judeo-Christian worldview.

Furthermore, Darwinism is not data, but an atheistic interpretation of that data. Darwinism is in fact an atheistic metaphysical choice that uses scientific data to support it.

It is the underlying atheistic worldview of Darwinism that is intolerant of any other competing metaphysical worldview. The priests of Darwinism want to claim exclusive rights to the territory of the realm of science.

Archangel Michael defeating Satan

They are content to allow us to worship our God as long as we remain in the irrelevant backwaters of our culture. They are content to see the churches draw up their drawbridges and sing hymns to one another behind the motes of their castles, as long as we keep our views there.